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Newsletters : Current Newsletters : 20 November 2017
Thought for the Day

I would like to congratulate the New Zealand Listener for it's article entitled, 'Serendipity the mother of invention'.

Jonathan Underhill writes, "Genetics and chicory are giving rise to a high-country sheep so tasty that the meat industry sees it as a potential saviour".

It is getting more and more obvious that being a commodity producer is a recipe for ultimate disaster. All around the world we see the same syndrome. Farmers lured into working with BIG Agri and the poisons industry to increase yield and get BIG Returns.

But two things happen. Their natural farms are destroyed and fail without more and more artificial chemicals added to depleted soils and more chemical dosing of live stock to keep disease at bay. The costs increase and the returns drop as people move on to better food and the globalists offer less and less money for the produce.

Country Calendar on our local TVs consistently produces high quality programs and I have enjoyed watching it for more than 50 years. Recently it has been showing the wonderful results that farmers around the country are producing by growing natural food products and supplying local markets.

This is the future for New Zealand - specialty agriculture products grown in a clean green environment in natural composted soils and sold at a premium for their nutrition and taste. This is our natural competitive advantage. Our attempts at bulk milk production looked good to start with but as we can all see now this only leads to environmental disaster and low prices for bulk milk that anyone in the world can produce - and they do.

Unfortunately our political leaders do not seem to understand REAL Economics and misunderstand the meaning of FREE Trade. Free markets means that markets are left alone to flourish or die according to buyer desires. The free trade agreement that NZ politicians are trying to sign up cannot be FREE Trade when the participants are constrained to the advantage of some and the loss by others.

If we sign up to suit the evil desires of the American Oligopolists we will be reduced to third world status and find ourselves unable to earn a proper living. We will become serfs in our own land.

Nov 20, 2017, 15:18

Creating Wealth and Keeping it

The New book by Phil Scott, President of the Foundation for Economic Growth.

"This book is good, damn good and no statistics!" Lindsay Gordon, MA, MSC, PHD.

Every serious economics student should have a copy and read this ground-breaking foundation of clear economic thinking. Real Economics explains how human actions shape our world and why so much seems to be going wrong for Western economies. This book will bring enlightenment for the general reader who will see why a few very wealthy are becoming exceedingly rich and the middle classes are on the road to serfdom.

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